Bebeneo was founded in 2012 and has begun its activities by opening up overseas markets. bebeneo aims an international recognition of its brand by maximizing the product range and quality in an evolving and competitive market.

Everyday, thousands of babies are born. It is bebeneo’s greatest happiness to contribute to the happiness of parents by aiming the best product, which will contribute to both the feeding and the shaping of the palate structure of the infants, who needs additional baby food, feeding bottle and soother besides mother’s milk.

Before taking a decision on production, bebeneo co-founders have been a distributor of baby products for years. Meanwhile, by analyzing the complaints and expectations of parents through observations and one-to-one parent relationships, bebeneo designed some very special products, particularly on feeding bottle nipples and soothers, in order not to have all these negativities in the design of bebeneo products and production process. In addition, bebeneo is proceeding it’s studies to make bebeneo products more useful in terms of oral and dental health of children by consulting with pediatrists, dentists and orthodontists.   

The reason to use “ mom knows best…” motto is because mothers, who are the most special assets, evaluate and realize all sensitivity and specifity in the best way about all subjects for their children.

Our Innovations

1. Bebeneo have been the pioneer of this work by producing polyprorylene lids, which provide soothers to be kept hygienic within the service life, for the first time in Turkey. As this lid is very practical, bebeneo have solved the soother hygiene problem, which parents always miss at home, during trips and travels.
2. Bebeneo have designed and produced special air-hole feeding bottle soothers, which allow the flow of air into the feeding bottle, for the first time in Turkey so that mothers do not need to extract the feeding bottle from the baby’s mouth while feeding.
3. The special design of bebeneo soother’s plastic part ensures babies’ face, mouth, palate and teeth safety and prevents the area around the mouth from sweating.
4. For the first time in Turkey, bebeneo aims to ensure dialog between parents and their babies by changing the status of being only a baby product by writing reassuring mottos, which make the parents psycologically closer to their babies.

Our Manifest

Companies engaged in R & D consistently change the consumer preferences in the changing world conditions. No innovation is long-lasting, after a while, the manufacturers, who have the principle of commitment to the excellence, formalize the market with new and better products. But, although everything can change, the only thing that does not change is the desire to keep and improve the most valuable assets. This desire made bebeneo produce and it will continue to do so everytime. Bebeneo‘s desire to produce innovative products will improve by the help of this idea.

Our Vission

To be the producer of primarily preferred infant health and nutrition products with bebeneo’s high-quality products.

Our Mission

To present the products, which can create the highest satisfaction besides parent’s expectations

Our Values

Quality, job safety and commitment to environmental policies

The most important and basic principle, which bebeneo take into consideration to make 

Bebeneo‘s defined vision and mission real;