What is a Soother?

Only 70 years ago, babies did not know what a soother is. There has been some news about archaeologists have found remains of a soother-like product in Egypt, which dates 1000 years ago. However, it would be more accurate to say the product in question, which had been made of clay, is more feeding bottle-like than soother-like.

Soothers are produced to meet babies’ need to suck, and are used to comfort babies.

Today, with ultrasonography, we can see babies suck their fingers in before they are born. All babies are born with this reflex and they will continue to born with it as long as humankind keeps walking on the earth. Babies keep sucking whether milk comes in their mouth or not. They suck their fingers, other people’s noses, toys, fabrics. Even when they are asleep, they suck objects near their mouths.

All newborn mammals suck their mothers, humans are no exception. If human life style and the quality of foods hasn’t been changed, and stress, wihch is the most important reason when it comes to decreasing of mother milk, has not played this big part in our lives, there would not have been a need for feeding bottles or soothers. But the time has changed. Humans created feeding bottles, soothers, and baby food.


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Are Soothers Beneficial?

Sucking period takes approaximately 3 years, though for some babies it might take less or more. For a moment, think soothers are not exist. Babies will surely feel the need to suck, and to meet this need, they might try to suck even their fathers’ dirty socks.

Sometimes, even when they want to sleep, babies get disturbed and cry. Even if you sing songs and cuddle them, they will not calm down. But once you try to give them a soother, you see they get relaxed and fall asleep.

As you can understand from all these examples, we, as Bebeneo, can confidently say soothers are beneficial for your baby. This benefits does not end with preventing to take dirty objects into mouth. Using soother decreases your baby’s worries, lightens his mood, and support his digestive system. Especially soother use before sleep, decreases sudden death risk.

At this point, we want to remind you that, do not give soother to your baby often because you think it is beneficial. If your baby’s stomach is full, she has no pain, she is smiling and playing, there is no need for a soother.

Do not forget, giving soother when there is no need for it, is more harmful than beneficial. It can be addictive, it can cause delay in gaining the ability to speak, increase the risk of middle ear infections. It also negatively affects mother’s milk production.

We must say that soothers are not a must for babies. 1 out of every 100 babies never use a soother, 1 out of every 30 babies uses soother only before sleep, 1 ouf of every 10 babies do not use soother after 1 years of age. But despite all these, 1 out of ever 200 children cannot stop using a soother before 4 years of age.


Some Advices

  • For your baby to get used to mother nipple, we advise you to not give him any soother for the first month, and only breast feed.
  • If your baby does not want to use a soother, there is no need for you to force him.
  • Use soother only when needed. If your baby is crying, she may have other needs.
  • Pull the soother out of your baby’s mouth when she is sleeping.
  • Pay attention to hygiene. Keep soothers away from sick people and their belongings. Make sure the facbrics, clothes, sheets that are in contact with the soother is clean.
  • Do not use feeding bottle teats as a soother.
  • Do not use feeding bottle teats to give medicine.
  • Try to make your baby quit using soother until 2 years of age, otherwise it may cause defects in dental or facial structure.


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