Choosing a baby bottle is one of the top questions of modern day mothers’. It is quite normal to experience confusion because in the old days, the only option was glass feeding bottles. But today, there are many options from material to size, handled to wide-neck bottles… In this post, we will discuss about the old, familiar glass bottles.




– Glass bottles do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a toxic chemical causes early puberty, harmful effects on brain and the reproductive system. When heated, they do not release chemical substances to the liquid inside. Therefore, you will not have to think about different types of plastic and whether or not they are safe. Glass is a very healthy option when it comes to material and it is in our advantage to keep in mind that experts seem to agree glass is the best material in terms of food safety qualities.

– Maintains the quality and warmth of milk/formula for longer time.

– Glass bottles are easy to clean and sterilize, you can boil them in hot water or wash in dishwasher. They do not change shape or melt. Unlike metal or plastic feeding bottles, glass bottles are easy to see when they are completely clean.

– Under the influence of juice, tea or repeatedly boiling, plastic bottles may change they color to yellowish or brownish. But glass bottles maintain their transparency.

– They last longer.

– They are easily recycled and more eco-friendly when compared to plastic bottles.


Some mothers do not prefer glass bottles becasue they are easy to break and heavier than plastic bottles. You can choose what is better for you and your baby by evaluating this article.

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