The bebeneo baby feeding bowl is made of tough break resistant polypropylene material. The ergonomic handle lets you hold the bowl securely with one hand while feeding your baby with the other. The cover will keep food clean and warm. Insert your thumb into the handle, allowing only thumb to rest on the top of the gripper pad. Your fingers should fit comfortably under the gripper and cover the side of the bowl. The rubbing trigs inside the bowl are specially designed to make it easier and more convenient for mom to pound the food. The bowl has a press-down suction base so it stays firmly where you place it. This makes it easy for you to feed your baby and easier when your baby is ready to try eating without your help. Remove the suction base and place the internal gasket under the bowl in order to use the product as non-slip bowl. Appropriate to all health regulations and standards. Bebeneo baby bowl will provide you a very comfortable feeding position.