It is not easy for mothers who have decided to buy a soother. With questions like “Which one to buy, and where?”, she does some research on Google, asks other mothers she has known, asks the doctor of her baby, asks sellers inside the market, then tries to make a decision. And there is a brand passion here in our country, even babies’ grandmothers insist the mother on buying the same brand and soother they bought 30 years ago. So, how to choose the right soother when there are too many factors? Here is what to pay attention to:


  • Producer company must have Notification Registration Certificate and Quality Standards Certificate given by the Turkish government. This shows laboratory results were clean, healthy and at desired quality.
  • Do not buy any soother which does not state it’s standarts cleary on the package.
  • Package quality and label notes actually tells a lot about the product. If there is GR barcode on the product label, you can scan the barcode with your phone and get some information about the producer.
  • If there are any expressions, words or pictures that does not seem real and sincere to you, and seems placed because advertising purposes, to push consumers to buy, we do not recommend buying it. Same goes for products that has stains or unevenness.
  • Pay attention to expiration date and producer country. Do not buy products from countries which seems untrustworthy.
  • Pay attention to nipple size, it should suit your baby’s age. You can check the labels on packaging to see if it is the right range.
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