A soother’s baglet is the most important part of a soother. So, which one to choose: cherry, ortodontic or drop shaped? Silicone or latex, which is more healthy? This questions are hard to answer questions for parents, and a lot of different and opposite views on this matter can be read on the internet. But as Bebeneo, we can say that the right baglet is cherry shaped and silicone.


Mother nipple is not orthodontic baglet shaped, it is rounded. In every mammals, including humans, it is rounded. Of course, no baby wants theirs mother’s nipple shape to change. But unfortunately orthodontic (or anatomic) soothers sells 5 times more than cherry soothers in our country.

In 1956, German pediatrist Muller and stomatologist Bartols came up with “orthodontic soother is irrevocable for proper development of teeth and palate.” They convinced the producers to produce orthodontic soother and therefore, started this mistake. Orthodontic soothers spread very rapidly in the World and babies have been pushed to suck a different shape than the nipple of their mother, with high pressure. However, babies who suck cherry soothers have oddly developed teeth and palate only if babies who suck their mother’s nipple have them, which is never.

An English brand has done something similiar and produced drop shaped soother. But drop shaped soothers are even more harmful than orthodontic soothers. Because babies who use drop shaped soothers feel insufficiency which can lead to psychological traumas.

False information can be found also in “silicone or latex?” matter. They say latex is natural. Yes, latex is taken from rubber tree. But nobody seems to think about what else they include in it to produce a soother.

Middle and above aged people still has an affection to latex soothers, maybe because of longing for nostalgia, or their subconscious, or not. But, when a latex soothers falls down to the ground, all the hair, dust, bacteria etc. sticks on it. Also, it absorbs water and therefore, it gets bigger in time. If you do not replace a latex soother which you buy for your 3 months old baby, when your baby reach 10 months of age it would be bigger for even 10 months of age.

And there is this claim that babies love latex soothers because because it is the same color with mother nipple. But babies cannot see well until 4 months of age and it includes colors. Even if babies could see well, they cannot see their mother’s nipple when they suck it. The only true advantage of latex soothers is there are durable against tearing. Thinking of all the disadvantages, it is a matter of discuss how useful latex soothers really are.

Whereas silicone is a natural, organic polymer material consists of carbon, silisium and oxygen. It is in a very steady-state, and does not go bad when exposed to water and heat (from -55°C to 300°C). When soothers are produced, medical liquid silicone is used as material. As we know, human body does not accepts foreign materials. Even if it is a thorn in your finger, it suppurates.  But to show you that how natural silicone is for human body, we guess to remind you the material used in breast and lip esthetics is the same would be enough. But we also would like to remind you that after getting out of their mold, silicone soothers must be exposed to high heat for 4 hours in special ovens, otherwise they can be dangerous. Therefore, please use only the brands you trust and pay attention to certificates.

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